Coke Summer Yama 2000 #RefreshWherevs

Coke Summer Yama 2000 #RefreshWherevs

#RefreshWherevs was launched by Coca-Cola in the summer of 2019 with key insight and the task of answering two key questions…

What are teens doing?

How do we speak to them wherever they are?

Ama 2000 can be a tough crowd. Not only are they well informed, digitally-savvy, and particularly cynical when it comes to brand marketing, they are an entirely new breed of consumer. They play a crucial part in nation-building, are problem solvers, yield influence, and are extremely ambitious. Ama 2000 have the ability to create an identity for themselves and move the nation forward. They live on social media and are all about social media trends- as creators and consumers, so this is where we want to engage them.

We created an experiential experience for consumers to enjoy their favourite artists, up close and personal, win prizes, and most importantly, bring #Refreshwherevs to them. Consumers needed to simply purchase a Coca-Cola, scan the QR code and unlock an augmented reality where the summer entertainment never ends from filters to pop up concerts and experiences in their neighbourhoods.

  • Date May 18, 2019
  • Tags Coca-Cola