For Hunter’s 25th birthday celebration we were tasked with producing an unforgettable experience, which not only applauded the milestone but reinforced Hunter’s brand identity, engaging people in an exciting way and rewarding Hunter’s fans for their loyalty.

We created the Refresh-O-Meter, successfully leveraging Hunter’s “chase the heat” key messaging in an experiential way that closely linked that core message to its birthday and connected with fans. With every Hunter’s purchase guests were given special coasters which were scanned on the Refresh-O-Meter, raising the temperature and allowing each Hunter’s drinker to help chase the heat to ultimate refreshment. The temperature they were aiming to hit? 25 degrees, of course! When the 25 degree mark was hit, Hunter’s upped the party and refreshment with an explosion of fun and refreshment in an execution which saw a single piece of technology bring together campaign messaging and a significant brand benchmark in an exciting but seamless fashion. And the proof is in the numbers. In total, the Refresh-O-Meter encouraged the sale of 27 522 units.


Hunter's Refresh-o-meter 01 Hunter's Refresh-o-meter -02

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