Oct 04
Dumb Ways to Die: The Power of Animation and Music - Offlimit

Dumb Ways to Die: The Power of Animation and Music

Advertising has taught us that catchy songs can go a very long way. The Melbourne Metro found a funny, creative and memorable way to remind us to be safe around trains with ā€œDumb Ways to Die.ā€ To deal with the increase in risky behavior around trains, the Melbourne Metro decided to use the power of animation and music to influence the population. By challenging the stereotype of mundane public service announcements they created a global sensation and the accompanying song became a hit on iTunes. Embedding an important message in entertaining content overcame the difficulties of communicating serious issues in a way that attracts viewers and listeners. The campaign contributed to a more than 30% reduction in near-miss accidents and on top of appearing on TV, radio and newspapers the announcement was also featured on Tumblr.

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