Oct 04
Snickers Uses Celebrity Power in Twitter Campaign

Snickers Uses Celebrity Power in Twitter Campaign

“You are not you when you’re hungry” Cannes Lion awarded Snickers and brand agency BBDO for their ingenious use of Twitter in this campaign which aimed to show that small pangs of hunger can result in irritable out of character behaviour. Celebrities were asked to tweet ‘out of character’, so Snickers had supermodel Katie Price tweeting about macroeconomics, cricketer Ian Botham tweeting about learning to play Cello and boxer Amir Khan tweeted about philately. The celebrities would later reveal that they "weren't themselves when they were hungry" and that in fact, after eating a Snickers bar, they could go back to tweeting as usual. These out of character tweets were noticed and created a buzz. So much so that Katie Price’s tweets even got a mention in the UK Parliament

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